Caroline Heck

Although Caroline has spent much of her free time in the great outdoors, the universe seems to have dictated that her love of painting be channelled toward human emotion and it's connection to the earth. Her strength is drawn from hiking extensively in western Canada, USA, Peru and Nepal, mostly in the mountains. Having begun her life in Vancouver, then moving to Calgary at age 10, she has never ceased to love the mountains. She was surprised to find that she is driven to photograph and paint people. This is expressed even in landscapes that look like humans. She wanted to paint with oils from a very young age and finally had the opportunity to begin that journey as a teenager. She managed to fit in a few art lessons, thrilled to learn some basic techniques, and produce a few paintings. After a 30 year break, she returned to her passion and is self-taught with support from a few artists she has come into contact with. She is still young enough in her artistic experience to get child like excitement from every new piece, compelled to attempt something different and often surprised with the results.


“Arches National Park" “Courage” “Inglewood Bird Sanctuary" “Jim" “Monks”