Doris Sidlick

A native Albertan, Doris has lived in beautiful Calgary, for the last 30+ years. While still working full time, she picked up a few weekend watercolor workshops! This sparked such joy and led to searching for and ultimately finding a fantastic weekly evening watercolor class with local artist, as well as some fun and inspiring drawing classes. Throughout this artistic journey, Doris rediscovered something she truly loved to do, and was passionate about. She has never looked back!

Doris’ artistic style is best described as colorist - impressionism. She enjoys painting the urban landscape, as well as the beautiful creatures we all share the planet with. Her painting inspirations come from both her many travels over the years, and, from observing the beautiful colors and play of light and shadow all around us. She paints in both the watercolor and acrylic mediums.



“Perch with Purpose" “Left? Right? You Decide” “Decisions Were Made" “The Cottage" “Hidden Treasures Await”