Julie Lee

Julie Lee was raised on a farm in central Alberta where she had the freedom to explore the outdoors and the opportunity to appreciate the beauty that can be found in everything, from animals to vegetation to machinery. Art, of all mediums and styles, followed her throughout her childhood.

Following her graduation from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering, Julie eventually made her way to Calgary, Alberta where she currently resides with her husband and three daughters. Once in Calgary, she attended a number of watercolour classes with the City of Calgary Recreation Program just for fun, and in 2012 she was presented the opportunity to work with Joanne Giesbrecht in her home studio for a series of private lessons. While the lessons specifically focussed on pencil and acrylic mediums, from those basics Julie has continued to grow and expand her practice.

Her love of watercolour and acrylic painting, as well as her enjoyment in putting pencil to paper, helps fill in her days as a full-time mom. The focus of her work tends to be on finding beauty in the simple, or sometimes the simply unnoticed, whether it be a paper box in her daughter’s hands or the way the evening light shines on a bee gathering pollen. The large majority of her inspiration comes from scenes she’s captured with her camera.

Contact: SAAA_artists@yahoo.com

Website: julieleeart.ca


“Summer Blush” (watercolour) “Overflowing” (pencil) “Evening Shift” (acrylic) “Countryside” (watercolour on canvas) “In the Light” (acrylic)