Nicole Geoffrion

Since she was little, Nicole has always been attracted and fascinated by colours and their beautiful possibilities. In her native city, Québec, she took arts classes every time they were offered in school. She pursued her passion through College by studying art and obtained her Graphic Art Degree from Laval University. She worked for a short time in a publicity agency in Hull, near Ottawa, before moving to Calgary. While raising her family, she kept her passion for drawing alive by joining a small group of figure drawing artists and by taking watercolour classes. She adopted acrylic as her medium of choice after taking classes at ACAD. She then joined Mary-Leigh Doyle’s art class in 2010. Taking multiple workshops from various artists, either in Cape Breton or at Leading Edge, has modify her practice, modeling it toward her own style. Nicole’s subjects are diversified. They represent the natural world, animals and sometimes everyday objects or scenes painted in her own interpretative and whimsical semi-abstract way. Her work reflects happiness, joy and wonder through design and colours. She is a member of CCPS, SAAA, PAC, RAFA (Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta) and FCA.